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Fantassia :

It is a Zen and shaded walk to discover a wonderful and enchanting world. Accompany your children, then return to childhood and solve puzzles and observation games. And above all let yourself be surprised so that the magic works!

Tropique du papillon :

You are immersed in the natural environment of hundreds of butterflies in total freedom, from Asia and Latin America.  Admire the light flight of butterflies all around you in a tropical garden among rare flowers and plants.You will see them close, very close! Here, the butterfly is not wild, it can even land on your shoulder...

Mini golf :

Mini golf in Canet en Roussillon, facing the sea. 2 fun courses in an oasis of greenery and freshness.
Fresh drinks, pancakes, ice cream, salads (depending on the season).

Ateliers de Lili :

Lili’s studio is a collective of confirmed visual artists, with diverse and varied techniques and works of quality in order to satisfy you at best.  Some residents give drawing and painting classes on demand. The atmosphere is cordial and good-natured!

Labyrinthe aux 1000 fleurs :

The Labyrinths with 1000 Flowers is above all a space for play and discovery in nature for the whole family. Through mazes, parks and gardens cultivated and maintained in a natural way (without pesticides), you can discover plants, flowers and fruits from the 4 corners of the globe. For your comfort, the park has an organic and local restaurant area, parking and toilets accessible to the disabled. Finally, the park’s many plants will protect you from the wind in all seasons.

La vallée des tortues :

The Valley of the Turtles located in Sorède in the Pyrénées-Orientales, is a wildlife park entirely dedicated to this animal. It presents more than 500 turtles, of about thirty different species on a plot of two hectares.
There are also other species such as marmosets, meerkats and snakes.

Sigean :

Located between Narbonne and Perpignan, the African Reserve of Sigean houses more than 3800 animals on more than 300 hectares.  A semi-natural wildlife park, the space offered is large enough for animals to remain wild and fully express their natural behaviours.

La ferme aux grandes oreilles :

This farm offers you the possibility to perform multiple activities such as donkey riding, fruit picking and even to organize your birthday. 
Depending on the season, it sells products from its agricultural activity: quality fruit and jams are available to you.

Labyrinthe de maïs géant :

Created in 1999, the Jardin d'Ariane is an ephemeral giant maze designed in a 20,000 m2 corn field, its layout and the theme of its animation are renewed every year.
This makes it the largest animated maze in the region.
The garden of Ariane is also a leisure park for an outing with family or friends that offers giant games, two circuits of pedal karts, a garden of aromatic all in 7 ha of nature!

Aqualand :

Less than 20 minutes from Perpignan, Aqualand Saint-Cyprien offers a festival of fun.
With its 15 exceptional attractions on more than 7 hectares.
The destination slides from summer to lush vegetation. Let yourself be carried away by a wave of freshness, delirium, thrill!

La Cabane du Yéti :

+ 2000 m2 of games space dedicated to the pleasure of your children, from the smallest to the largest, we distinguish: 
- The tree climbing  route, 

And for the happiness of all in exclusivity from
November 2020 "ROLLER DANCING"!
A musical roller track of 300m2.

Complex 66 is also a relaxation area for parents with 2 bars, 2 snacks and a small restaurant.

O'zipocamp :

O'ZIPOCAMP offers you the rental of umbrellas and mattresses, inflatable games for children, playful pool and daycare, canoeing, swimming lessons from Monday to Saturday morning with qualified instructors, paddle rental .
Catering, snacks, group meals, private evenings. Open Friday & Saturday evenings.
Every Saturday theme nights.

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