General sales conditions and internal regulations


SAS J&O Management

45 promenade de la côte Vermeille 


Article 1 -Reception:
The hotelier has the right to exclude any clients with indecent and inappropriate dress code. Clients with inappropriate, loud and alcoholic behaviour and clients with behaviour against public order.
All clients have to show their identity .

Article 2 -Opening hours:
The hotel reception is open from 7am to 1pm and 3pm to 9pm
outside those hours, you can contact us at this number: 06 98 48 66 29

Article 3  🛌-Room occupancy:
The client can not bring in outside persons the hotel doesn’t know unless it has been notified previously by the client.
The client can not make any reservation for a number greater accepted by the hôtel rules.

Article 4  -Room access:
On arrival the client (except agreed before with the reception) cannot get in the room before 3.30pm. the room should be clear at 11am whatever the time the client check in. We offer luggage services to accommodate our clients.

Article 5 -Keys management:
The room key is standard and the client shouldn’t give the keys to an outside person. We recommend to leave your key at the reception and  give it back when you check out. Any lost will result with an extra charge of 60 euros on your credit card.

Article 6  -Disturbances and  respect for clients:
Any disturbance or scandal day or night will result  with the immediate leave of the client without any refund.
For everyone interest , noise  level should be kept at the minimum and clients should avoid slamming doors between 10pm and 8am.
Any loud behaviour from clients could lead the hotel management to vacate the client from the hôtel without any noise adjustment as the noise disturbance is detrimental to the peace of the clientele.:(article R-1334-30 and R1334-31 general public health).
The disturbance resulting to refund any plaintive clients will result of charging the credit card  from the perturbateur. The hotel is a place of peace and rest, no commerce is allowed .

Article 7  - Responsibility:
Children are under the entire responsibility of the parents.
The animals accepted by the hotel will be charged with an extra 10 euros. The animals are at the responsibility of the owner and it is forbidden to leave an animal without surveillance in the hotel room. Any damage or nuisance voluntary or involuntary  will result with charging money at the client who booked the room. Same for the inconvenience caused by the animal.

Article 8  -Restrictions:
For security and for mutual respect it is forbidden to smoke in the hotel in accordance with law decree # 2006-1386 of 6th November 2006. Those conditions expose the offender to a fine of 90 euros or lawsuits. Any triggering of the fire alarms from smoking will result to a fine of 150 euros for reactivation of the fire alarm control.

Article 9 -Theft:
Any missing towels, cushions etc.. will be charge on the client credit card.

Article 10 🧐 - Acceptance of the present regulations and conditions of sales:
The hotel rules of procedure is applied to all the reservations. All stays are under the acceptation of the internal rules of the hotel. Any non conformity of those rules will result in the immediate résiliation of the contract.

In case of non respect of one of the hotel internal rules, the management will be forced to invite the client to leave the premises at once and without any refunds.